February 24, 2017

The past few days have found media sources in the U.S. buzzing about UPS’ announcement it is testing drone delivery to reduce the time it takes for drivers to park, grab packages, run, drop packages, run back, and speed away to their next stop. Time savings might be seconds, but with thousands of drivers all delivering at the same time, a few seconds could mean millions.

The UPS announcement comes at the heels more forwarding thinking drone delivery gossip involving Amazon and the company’s desire to deploy blimps to deliver packages in neighborhoods, along with other news items revealing Amazon’s IP to protect such efforts from the likes of UPS.

This is all well and good to stay ahead of the curve of ideas, but a recent research study by the USDOJ Office of the Inspector General (OIG) suggests that having their packages delivered to them by drones isn’t even an unattainable fantasy.