Wildlife & Conservation
June 30, 2017

UPDATED: July 7, 2017

Last year we learned about a program by Dutch law enforcement to train eagles to take down rogue drones. Not surprisingly, an Arizona man has been charged with flying his drone over wildlife and endangering the safety of firefighters in the process. In the future, wildlife might adapt to destroy drones that invade their territories without the assistance of humans.

As was first reported on sUAS News, research conducted by Margarita Mulero-Pázmány finds that drones are causing havoc for wildlife across the globe.

As is suggested in the report:

  • UAS operate at low altitudes (<500 m AGL) and in any terrain, thus they are susceptible to interact with local fauna.
  • UAS performing target-oriented flight patterns, larger aircraft sizes, and fuel-powered (noisier) engines evoked the strongest reactions in wildlife.
  • Birds are more prone to react to UAS than other animals, and individuals during the non-breeding period and in large groups were more likely to show negative reactions.
  • The Station has developed guidelines for conservationists, users and manufacturers to minimize the disturbance of UAS on wildlife Seville, June 29th, 2017

The report can be read below in its entirety.