Hi, I’m Brian, I Teach Refugees To Map Their World With GIS

I first visited the Zaatari refugee camp in early 2015. Located in northern Jordan, the camp is home to more than 80,000 Syrian refugees. I was there as part of a research study on refugee camp wireless and information infrastructure. It’s one thing to read about...

Flyte Adds Sectional Charts To Their Drone Flight Planning Platform

Flyte is a drone flight planning and operations management software company currently serving the commercial drone sector around the globe.  Currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Flyte was founded in Spring 2016 by geospatial tech enthusiasts, Matthew Bradley...

senseFly Corridor Simplifies Data-Intensive Mapping Projects

senseFly, the leading producer of mapping drones, announces senseFly Corridor, a new platform enhancement that vastly simplifies UAS mapping of linear infrastructure and sites. senseFly Corridor will debut on May 8 at AUVSI Xponential 2017. Corridor mapping is a...

Five Forces Catapulting Geography & GIS Onto The World Stage

Five converging global trends may present geography with unprecedented world attention: geo-awareness, geo-enablement, geotechnologies, citizen science and storytelling. Each of these is transforming the audience for geography and the way geography is taught and perceived.

Mapping As A Service (MaaS)

Fueled by the convergence of cloud computing, digital automation, and internet distribution, subscription mapping creates new opportunities. Subscription aerial mapping sets out to rid the industry of its dated legacies. One in particular is the commissioning of aerial mapping projects. The process can be bureaucratic, expensive, and subject to a long approval. This could lead to delays and inconsistency in data deliveries, which is especially critical for end-users whose aerial imagery needs are based on seasonal conditions.