Never Send A Human To Do A Machine’s Job

I was recently talking to a friend of mine who’s an accountant. He has his own accounting firm and lives an upper-class lifestyle in the Chicago suburbs. As he’s an accountant with an additional degree in economics, naturally the conversation veered to the...

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight Chipset Catapults Drone Tech Flightyears Ahead

There’s no mystery why Qualcomm is interested in drones. Advances in the technologies that will make drones more user-friendly like autonomy means less users and more programmable controls and that can only mean better, faster, more reliable chips. At CES 2015, Qualcomm introduced a special version of its Snapdragon chipset designed for drones. At the time, the company said Snapdragon Flight would reduce the cost of drone hardware, increase battery life and make things like autonomy more easy available to drone makers and app producers. Snapdragon Flight was release in September of last year. What a difference a year CES makes.

The EHang 184 Debuts At CES As The First Autonomous Aerial Vehicle, AAV For Short

With the gathering of drone makers converged within the drone district, the buzz on the first day of CES was more audible and seemed to centralize at one place within one company’s exhibit. That company was Chinese drone innovator EHang and the product, the EHang 184, the first ever, fully autonomous aerial passenger car — a human carrying quadcopter.