DJI DronesX Interviews Launch Pad
May 20, 2016

Although DJI is becoming a massive global enterprise, there remains a handful of creative visionaries leading the company into the future. One of those visionaries is Michael Shabun, Marketing Manager for all of DJI. If you have ever attended one of the countless trade shows where the company has exhibited, or viewed a DJI mini-docu-movie or television commercial of any inspiration, Michael would have been the tireless leader whose creative fingerprints colorize these vibrant narratives with life. You may not be able to see them, but Michael’s creative savvy is indelibly etched in the visceral excitement of the company’s presentation.

In the first of our DronesX Interviews, NVdrones Co-Founder, Kevin Mukai interviews Michael at the new DJI Creative Studios in Burbank, Calfornia to talk about the past, present and future of DJI.