3 Ways The Trump Administration Can Help Invigorate The Drones Industry

We’re witnessing the birth of one of the most exciting technology sectors since the PC, or even the mobile phone. Drones, also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), represent a sea change for existing businesses, and a white space for completely new businesses....

Commercial Drone Flying Over Crowds Soon To Be Approved

A government-sponsored committee is recommending standards that could clear the way for commercial drone flights over populated areas and help speed the introduction of package delivery drones and other uses not yet possible, The Associated Press has learned. The...

The Introduction Of Connecticut Law To Ban Guns On Drones Appears To Be Riddled With Bullet Holes

Should your weird neighbor be allowed to mount a handgun on a drone and fly that drone around, firing the gun from midair via remote control? No, probably not. But there’s not much that you can do to stop him from launching his Glock-drone into the sky. The FAA does not specifically prohibit private citizens from owning and operating weaponized drones, and most states have not yet passed laws that would ban them. This is sort of scary, sure, but what can I say? It’s 2016 in America.

300,000 U.S. Drone Owners Registered And Accounted For And What It Means

If you purchased a drone after December 21, 2016, you have no choice but to register. To date, almost 200,000 early adopters have registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as drone owners. The disclosure was made at a CES press conference where Michael Huerta, acting on behalf of the Administration, announced that “about 181,000″ applicants had registered, a spike of over 150% from the previous month. The full transcript of Mr. Huerta’s speech may be found on the FAA website.

Patchwork Of State Laws Set To Cause Post-Holiday Headaches For Droners

State laws impacting Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV, or “drone”) operations are patchwork quilts. Not only do they vary from state to state, but the definitions vary, the restrictiveness varies, and localities may have ordinances that are even more restrictive than a...