May 22, 2018

AUVSI Xponential wrapped in Denver, Colorado this month bringing together many of the world’s most innovative and sustainable companies in unmanned systems. One of the first companies to patent aerial cinematography tools for movie and television production was Flying-Cam, an international pioneer in the art of aerial storytelling. Flying-Cam is led by its founder and surprisingly enthusiastic CEO, Emmanuel Previnaire, a true visionary and multiple Oscar award winner. In this informative video produced by AVWeb, Emmanuel shows off the full line of Flying-Cam drones used in movie franchises such as the James Bond series and Harry Potter in a rapid-fire history lesson of Flying-Cam movie innovations.

At the Fly-Cam booth, the ever-inspirational, Emmanuel Previnaire.

Accepting a second Oscar award at the 2014 Academy Awards on behalf of Flying-Cam.