40 Consumer Drones Companies To Exhibit At CES 2017 In Las Vegas

Drones, UAVs and other unmanned systems have taken off as a unique tool for everyday life, regardless of whether flight is controlled by onboard computers or remotely from the ground. Unmanned systems have revolutionized the way we capture, monitor and assist our...

Autel Robotics Wins Best Booth Marketing At CES 2016, But Who Is Autel Robotics?

The reverberation of CES continues throughout the drone world with the Consumer Electronics Show solidifying its importance in the consumer market. What CES offers consumer drone companies above all others is its prowess to attract qualified partners, dealers and customers. Even if you work on the commercial side, you still should be attending CES if for nothing more than to know what’s happening on the other side of pendulum. One of the new drone exhibitors at this year’s CES was Autel Robotics. I had never heard of Autel, so naturally I had a few questions starting with, who is Autel Robotics?