Counter-UAS / Anti-Drones Dedrone Germany Security & Defense
August 28, 2015

The hits just keep on coming! Each and every day we hear about futuristic innovations played and re-played through the pages of the finest science fiction volumes, but seemingly un-creatable by non-fiction characters like you and me. Dedrone’s invisible drone repellant shield is one of the latest useful introductions with industrial applications, but is eerily futuristic in its insinuation of a future world of drone versus drone. You won’t believe this until you realize Dedrone is selling its product today!

On the Dedrone website located at, the company makes a compelling argument for security against drones by posting a YouTube video of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, during an election speech. What happens next is as inexplicable…

…as it is infuriating. A knucklehead flew a Parrot AR Drone within a few meters of the Chancellor. In a brilliant demonstration of salesmanship, Dedrone explains on its website how this incident served as the birthplace of Dedrone for its Kassel, Germany founders, Jörg Lamprecht and Dr. Ingo Seebach.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is taken aback by a drone that crashes two meters away from her at an election event in 2013. This incident has no serious consequences. But what would have happened if, for instance, the drone had been armed? Alas, this is the brave new world of drones.

The argument continues on another Dedrone website page where the company explains the many reasons why Dedrone’s technology is needed in today’s military-driven world, along with the corresponding applications. One that caught my eye was a video by a Russian tech guru demonstrating a quadcopter equipped with a machine gun who says, “this shit’s gonna get real…in the next 10 to 15 years.”

“What if?” is the eternal question that has launched, and will launch, endless security companies and products, and which has now infected the drone industry. Dedrone’s first-to-market product is a landmark of necessity, if not now, soon. Maybe very soon.

What If…? Applications

In equal frequency to the quantity of useful drone innovation coming online is the number of illegal and knucklehea-ish events taking place involving drones. Just this past week, officials in the state of Maryland thwarted a plan to smuggle narcotics and weapons into a prison with a quadcopter. Other illegal drone activity has been reported in news and over the Internet.


Dedrone calls it DroneTracker, a system designed as an anti-drone platform that detects and reports UAVs which enter airspace within proximity of structures, buildings, and presumably, world leaders. Potential applications could range the gamut of consumer, commercial and even military installations.

DroneTracker employes a configuration of sensors constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The sensors array comes with video, audio and infrared to monitor the system’s radius at all day or night long. DroneTracker’s coverage can monitor a 120 degree arc extended over a distance of 100 meters.

Advertised Applications

From the Dedrone website, the company advertises DroneTracker as a solution for oil refineries, government buildings, sports stadiums and even luxury designed prefab housing. It might not be a good idea to try to protect your best friend’s dog house with DroneTracker. Any important structure with valuables inside can have its very own, first-of-its-kind, drone detection perimeter. Perhaps next gen versions could include the Montgomery Burns module which wouldn’t just detect intruders, but release the drone-hounds at the same time.