Counter-UAS: The Road Ahead

History was made this week in Las Vegas and across the United States in the most terrifying and horrific manner. A first for Las Vegas and the worst in the United States. 58 people and a deranged gunman lost their lives in the worst mass shooting to take place in U.S....

DJI Turns Iraq And Syria Into No-Fly Zones

A recent trend amongst terrorists in the Middle East has been to equip off-the-shelf drones with rudimentary explosives to turn them into miniature bombers. But the world’s largest drone manufacturer is fighting back. Last year, the Pentagon announced that...

Another Month, Another Amazing DJI Retail Store, This Time Seoul, South Korea

It was no more than a month ago when DJI opened its first retail store. The Shenzhen, China menagerie of imagination was quickly labeled as the company’s flagship store for its exotic design. Its very much an art gallery excursion into the world known as DJI. The drone retail takeover of the DJI universe continues in Seoul, South Korea.

Drones Startups Raised Almost A Half A Billion Dollars In 2015, But How Effective Are They For Precision Ag?

Drones startups raised just over $450 million in equity financing across 74 deals in 2015. This was a 300 percent increase on 2014 levels. Not all of these drones companies will have implications in agriculture, but 2015 did see the world’s largest drones company move into agriculture. China’s DJI, which contributed the year’s largest deal with its $75 million Series B, launched its first drone specifically designed for agriculture in November.

Go Inside The Fascinating DJI Retail Store In Shenzhen, China

Looking like a giant jet cockpit rising from under the surface of the earth, it may very well be the most futuristic design for a retail store, ever. At first glance, one may want to run to the entrance before the composition performs a vertical take-off and flies away into the revolutionary future. The flagship retail store for DJI opened in December to glowing praise and here you’ll see why.