State Of The UAV / UAS Industry

Assessing the health of an entire industry is not an easy task, but talking with industry leaders and looking for examples of growth and investment can help. Our “State of the UAS/UAV Industry” inquiries have lead to discussions with General Atomics, Association for...

Greater Manchester UK Fire & Rescue Brings An ‘AIR Unit’ Perspective To Fire Response

In July 2015, after a few years of research and testing UAS technology, the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) officially launched their AIR Unit into full operation. To other organizations, this particular UAS is known as the Aeryon SkyRanger, but for the GMFRS team, they have designated the UAS as their ‘AIR Unit’. The name is comprised of the acronym AIR (Aerial Imagery Reconnaissance) and Unit defines it as an UK fire service vehicle. The goal for GMFRS is to operate their Air Unit 24/7 at a wide range of incidents to provide a visual perspective rarely seen from the ground at a fire incident.