Agriculture Announcements Sentera
April 30, 2017

Sentera today announced the availability of its precision agriculture solutions at over 350 retail locations across North America. By expanding the Sentera reseller network and broadening the reach of its precision agriculture offering, agronomists, crop consultants, and growers can leverage critical normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) plant-health data starting day one of the 2017 growing season. Early adopters immediately see the benefits of Sentera’s solutions, accurately collecting and driving in-field decisions while helping manage and interpret crop health data, and, ultimately, profitability.


Sentera’s complete precision agriculture data solutions include AgVault™ web, desktop, and mobile applications that accurately collect, interpret, and analyze crop health data gathered by the company’s ultra-precise TrueNDVI™ sensors integrated on easy-to-fly drone platforms. Sentera and its distribution partner, Dynamic UAV Solutions, deliver these solutions throughout the industry. “We are excited to offer our solutions through a strong and rapidly growing dealer network, where end users find Sentera’s precision ag solutions technologically robust and simple to operate,” remarked Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture for Sentera. “Users find immediate value in our turnkey solution, that deliver maps and streaming NDVI at the field, and high-accuracy data to cloud-based tools.”


Poulson continued, “Our integrated solution helps dealerships offer their customers a frictionless, painless precision agriculture experience. Users can be confident that data products are compatible, precise, and flow seamlessly from the sensor to analytics software and/or the cab of a tractor. No other provider delivers such a completely integrated product.” “This is a great milestone for Sentera and Dynamic UAV,” added Dan O’Reilly, general manager for Dynamic UAV Solutions. “We were pleased to have been chosen as the exclusive North American distributor for Sentera’s integrated hardware solutions. By seamlessly managing drones and sensor data, then making it sharable and searchable, a commercial UAV user will increase operational efficiencies while driving additional profits to their bottom lines.”


Poulson explains why Sentera is uniquely positioned to help dealers help their customers: “Sentera offers entry-level drones with True NDVI sensors, filling the need for precision agriculture customers who are just entering the market and want a simple yet effective tool that still provides a high-quality near-infrared sensing product. For customers familiar with remote sensing technology and looking to employ the latest advancements, the Phoenix 2 fixed-wing or Omni quad-rotor drone is available, both capable of live-streaming NDVI video. All offerings interoperate with AgVault and all leading analytics tools. Our dealers offer solutions for every type of user, no matter the scale of operation.”


Sentera’s solutions help growers improve the performance across a variety of fields, from specialty crops like fruits, nuts, and grapes to commodities like corn, soybeans, and sorghum. Many agronomists and crop consultants need to analyze data from diverse fields and different growers. Universally capturing NDVI data from any crop, and using AgVault to analyze, interpret, and share the exact same data with relevant stakeholders off the farm improves the decision-making process, increasing efficiencies between the advisor and grower.


CEO of Sentera, Eric Taipale explains the strategy behind the Sentera agriculture store front.

What is a Sentera agriculture store front?
Sentera’s has partnerships with agriculture equipment dealers that comprise 350 stores. So, Sentera is in 350 stores by way of dealer partnerships. Sentera’s integrated software, sensors, and drones are offered as a precision ag solution in the participating stores.

Are the Sentera agriculture store fronts similar to what Airware is attempting to do by setting up sales stations in Caterpillar retail stores?
Our dealer partnerships are in agriculture versus construction and mining, so the workflows are very different, although the models for service delivery might be similar. In agriculture, we’re providing some data layers that get combined with other sources of data collected by different equipment to ultimately drive advisory services around crop selection, practices, field inputs management, and so forth. Both Airware and Sentera have distinguished themselves by doing a good job of focusing on delivering products that drive value for their customers versus generating lots of drone photos.

Who is the target customer for the Sentera agriculture store fronts?
Sentera’s precision ag solutions are helpful to a variety of customers, so there’s no single dominant type of storefront buyer. They’re a tremendous benefit to agronomists, crop consultants, and other advisors, and this will become increasingly true as we deploy our analysis and analytics tools, but really they’ve proven to be useful to anyone that needs to understand what is going on in with the health of a crop.

Are the Sentera agriculture store fronts independently operated or part of a network?
It really depends on the nature of the dealer’s business. Our dealers who are selling equipment are almost always part of a large network. Dealers that are agronomy services providers or cooperatives range from single location businesses to entities that might have dozens of locations, and even within these organizations, there are regional or local businesses that have affiliated with national partners. We’ve made an effort to accommodate the digital strategies that exist within all of these different structures, so that our data will easily flow into the tools and platforms that our customers are using.